Take an empathetic leap toward product innovation.

Mentoring and Coaching

How do you create technology that blends human and artificial emotional intelligence? Pamela coaches individual and small groups developing emotion tech. Start with an idea or a current product and learn as you go.

Individual Strategy Sessions

Is your team struggling with how to make your product more emotionally intelligent? Are you trying to consciously innovate? Are you trying to approach data with a soul? Is your product integrating emotion AI? Together, we will vividly imagine a human future for your product, service, or brand through one-on-one or small group coaching sessions, online or in person. We also offer strategy sessions as a stand-alone service or in tandem with speaking or workshops.

Group Design Studios

Do you have a concept you want to develop? A vision you want to evolve for the next decade? A product that has to morph for the next generation? Using the FEEL emotional design framework, Pamela works with teams to create products and services that blend human and artificial emotional intelligence. This immersive design sprint can recast an existing experience or shape a new one in a short timeframe.