The future of design thinking is design feeling.



Give us a day, and we'll give you the future. Well, not exactly, but our workshops and masterclasses are designed to introduce participants to emotion-centered design, next-generation research, and design fiction techniques.

Emotionally Intelligent Design
The future has feelings. Feelings we can detect, sort of. Feelings we only feel #becauseinternet. Feelings that make us a bit uncomfortable, mostly because we don't have a way to design with emotional intelligence. Not yet. This workshop looks at theories of human emotion, the latest tools in emotion artificial intelligence, and new techniques to combine human and artificial emotional intelligence.

Design Feeling Sprint
Empathy is more than just a step in the process. Design feeling is an emotional take on design thinking. Kickstart your team's progress with a design sprint that moves through the FEEL framework: following feelings, envisioning emotional experience, evolving the relationship, and living with emotionally intelligent tech in the long-term.

Executive Seminars

Leadership teams set the tone for an empathetic future. But you're busy. You might not have a day. We get it. Executive seminars squeeze a lot of design feeling into whatever time you can find.

The Future of Emotionally Intelligent Tech
A concentrated look at how emotion tech works, how products and services are starting to use it, and how to get started creating more emotionally intelligent technology.

The Ethics of Emotion AI
Ethics efforts are focused on artificial intelligence but haven't given due consideration to emotional artificial intelligence. This debrief looks at special considerations for emotion AI and ethics, with guidelines and techniques to stress test your emotionally intelligent tech.

Workshops, Encapsulated

  • Sessions are flipped. Pre-reading and ruminating are recommended (we'll suggest a mix). Lecture is minimal. Interactive exercises are the order of the day.
  • From 4 people to 40, it's flex. The more, the better. We need all the best thinkers and doers to create a human future for technology.
  • One day is fine, 2 or 3 days even better. Or combine with a talk or strategy session.
  • With our love of bespoke crafting and well-beyond-broke toys and tech, we'll come with prototyping supplies. You'll supply only the typical stuff, like post-its and sharpies.