Pamela is a tech emotionographer, documenting our emotional life with technology. Her work brings together creative research, affective computing, and expressive interfaces to make heartfelt and humankind technology.

Pamela is writing about the future of feeling and starting a new book that’s a field guide to internet emotion. She’s written a book about Emotionally Intelligent Design, book chapters about technology and well-being, and articles about the ethics of care, emotional artificial intelligence, and emojis too.

Pamela is speaking about the age of Big Emotion and everything that comes with it, from cars that care and cities that are mood-aware to robot pets and emotion-aware video chat. She's given talks in real-life and online, at festivals like SXSW and NEXT, major tech events like Web Summit and TNW, corporate events at Facebook and Google, and on the TEDx stage.

Pamela is teaching the next generation of designers about the emotional side of technology at Pratt Institute in NYC. She’s delivered guest lectures at Parsons School of Design, Stanford, University of Washington, Carnegie Mellon, and ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination.

Pamela is working with compassionate companies from Audible to Zeiss, and many others—Accenture, Asurion, Barco, Dassault Systemes, Discovery, Home Depot, IKEA, NBC Universal, Medidata, Olympics Channel, TIAA, and Virgin. She advises all kinds of startups trying to implement emotion tech.

Pamela is feeling hopeful about how COVID-19 might shape the future of empathic technology, how we can design less addictive phones and more honest bots, and how to create ethical emotion AI.