A bold new approach to design that will create more empathetic technology.

Emotionally Intelligent Design Book

Emotionally Intelligent Design

In this smart, playful, and provocative book, Pamela argues that emotion has become a blindspot in design, especially when it comes to technology. Emotional artificial intelligence and VR empathy promise to fix technology with more technology. The real power is in that layer between people and product—design. Whether a designer, developer, information architect, product manager, entrepreneur, chatbot script writer, AI trainer, or UXer, Emotionally Intelligent Design urges you to reconsider the emotional side of technology and suggests new ways to design with a blend of human and machine emotional intelligence.

"Designers routinely claim that design makes technology more human...Emotionally Intelligent Design shows us how we rise to that challenge.” Khoi Vihn, Principal Designer at Adobe


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Book Tour 2019

  • February 23 / New York City / World IA Day
  • March 9 / Austin / SXSW
  • March 27 / New York City / IBM
  • April 18 / New York City / Book Launch Party
  • April 30 / Detroit / Car HMI
  • May 7 / Copenhagen / NextM
  • May 10 / Chicago / HOW Design
  • May 16 / Hamburg / Sparkassentag
  • May 21 / Toronto / Collision
  • May 24 / Lisbon / UXLX
  • June 5 / Vienna / 15 Seconds
  • July 1 / Berlin / Car HMI Europe
  • August 29 / Zurich / Front

Digital Fix

Digital Fix Book

It’s easy to catalogue all the failings of tech, now it’s time to start the harder task—how do we fix it? This collection of essays from futurists, ethicists, AI experts, and tech creators hints at a more positive future for technology. Includes Pamela's chapter about Design for Well-Being.

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