Emotionally-attuned technology for a kinder, more human future.

A Future with Feeling

Our life with technology is complicated. It’s becoming profoundly stranger at an exponential rate. And the most important parts of it are invisible. At times, we’re keenly aware of the highs and lows of digital life. We feel an overwhelming sense of camaraderie after a serendipitous conversation. Or we feel a rage hangover after a particularly difficult news cycle. Sometimes, the emotional undercurrent shifts just below the surface.

Technology is deeply embedded in every aspect of our daily lives. It collects our secrets, it bears witness to our everyday actions, and it circumscribes our relationships. Yet somehow, it’s still radically insufficient for our messy, beautiful, emotional reality.

With all the focus on ease, efficiency, and convenience, we might miss what’s truly essential. We worry about our attention, while technology toys with our affections. We idealize calm, when tech takes us on an emotional rollercoaster. Now, more than ever, we need technology that respects what it means to be human.

Technology is developing more IQ, but it lacks EQ. Technology may make daily chores easier or work days more productive but it has a long way to go toward care, connection, and compassion. Emotionally intelligent technology can move us closer to that future.