Quartz, September 13, 2018
Our Communication is Being Increasingly Limited to Emojis
“When it comes to emotional intelligence, Pavliscak says, the more concepts you have, the more distinctions you can make, and the more coping strategies you can develop. By contrast, limiting the number of emotional reactions might change how we understand feelings in the future. With fewer fine distinctions, emotions could get more extreme.”

TNW, May 24, 2018
Why Emotionally Intelligent Machines Ares the Future of AI
“Maybe, just maybe, as the emotional intelligence of the machines go up, our emotional intelligence goes up too.”

LA Times, May 10, 2018
Should People Know They're Talking To an Algorithm?
“We design tech and tech, in turn, designs us. It would be pretty naive to think we'll stay the same.”

NPR, April 30, 2018
Kids, Meet Alexa, Your AI Mary Poppins
“Alexa is occupying that weird space between a friend, a human friend, and something else. And I think for kids especially, their conception of that is so fluid.”

Digital Trends, November 11, 2017
How to Put Humans Before Technology

Huffington Post, June 8, 2017
Rethinking Technology in the Classroom

Suddeutsche Zeitung, June 5, 2017
Apps Are Addictive, But Do They Have To Be?

Zeit Online, March 12, 2017
Do You Feel It, Too?

20 Minutes, February 16, 2017
We Are Hyper-Connected, but There Is No Real Life to Return To

Interviews & Podcasts

Wireframe podcast, November 2018
Is Good Design Good for You?
“We could measure other things that aren’t engagement in the short-term but in fact are long-term relationships. And a lot of companies are starting to look at that and say well OK let’s look at the lifetime of the relationship and start to try to find things to measure there. Let’s look at other emotional or well-being factors and try to measure that. How well does our experience fit in with these higher motivations that people have for belonging or status.”

With Love and Data podcast, November 2018
The Future of Emotional Machines

Human Tech podcast, September 2018
Emotionally Intelligent Design

Digital Mindfulness podcast, April 2018
Emotionally Intelligent Machines

Funny as Tech podcast, October 2017
The Future of Conversation

The Web Ahead podcast, June 2015
Improving Tech's Humanity